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A kingdom is lost, a song is born

Song for a Lost Kingdom

The Prequel

The day of union between Scotland and England in 1707 and two families swear allegiance to restore their lost kingdom and a song is born across two centuries...


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SFLK Prequel Sample.mp3

The Prequel comes to life in the new audiobook version narrated by voice actors Bethany Mason and Tom McLean.

Original music by Paul van Geldrop, with vocals from soporano Ania Hejnar.

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Katharine Carnegie's passion is her music, but she is lost for words to complete it in 1745 Scotland. Adeena Stuart is a rebellious teenage musician in 2003.

While Katharine must decide which brother she supports in the uprising against England, Adeena and her psychic grandmother glimpse the past calling out to the present.

In this Prequel to the best-selling Song for a Lost Kingdom series, the origins of the story unfold as the Scottish parliament votes itself out of existence in on January 7, 1707. The Drummond and Carnegie clans vow to stand united against it, even though it means they will lose everything they hold most dear.

Start your journey across time riding the Song for a Lost Kingdom.

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