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Box Set

"Embedded in my soul forever."

- Amazon Review

Adeena Stuart and Katharine Carnegie were born almost three hundred years apart...

yet their music and an ancient cello connect them to each other and to a man doomed by the Battle of Culloden.

The Box Set includes all three SFLK novels, plust the Prequel and the original music composed for the series. (Lyrics / Sheet music).

A novel & audiobook series

by Steve Moretti


Time Travel Powered by Music

Magical and mystical

“This is one of the best fantasy fiction that I have ever read! Not just Adeena, even I felt transported to the magical and mystical world.”

       - The Book Decoder"

A gripping page-turner!

"With the spot-on pacing and the great storyline interweaving interesting twists and elements galore, Song for a Lost Kingdom is such a gripping page-turner!"

       - Noriko Book Blogger


FREE Prequel Novella

Katharine Carnegie's passion is her music, but she is lost for words to complete it in 1745 Scotland.


Adeena Stuart is a rebellious teenage musician in 2003. While Katharine in the 18th century must decide which brother she supports in the uprising against England, Adeena and her psychic grandmother in the 21st, hear the past calling out to them for help.

In this prelude to the top-rated Song for a Lost Kingdom series, the origins of the story unfold as the Scottish parliament votes itself out of existence on 7 January 1707. The Drummond and Carnegie clans vow to stand united against it, even though it means they will lose everything they hold most dear.

Start your journey across time with the FREE Prequel and enjoy the ride!

The Song for a Lost Kingdom Trilogy


Book I

Music is not bound by time

Adeena auditions for the National Arts Centre Orchestra in Ottawa. Her dying grandmother sends her a lost score from Scotland and a new world opens up...



Book II

Love never surrenders

The Battle of Culloden looms as the music gains strength while in 2019 tthe powers of modern science search for a way to bring Adeena back...



Book III

The heart beats in time

Adeena and Katharine find a connection across the 273 years that separate them. Each struggle in an unfamiliar time and place as a new life take hold within both of them.


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