Music: Paul van Geldrop, Marc Moretti, Ania Hejnar

Lyrics: Steve Moretti

Song For a Lost Kingdom.mp3Paul van Geldrop, Marc Moretti, Ania Hehnar, Steve Moretti
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July 13 Recording Session

In the studio, July 13, 2019

Jim from BartMart Audio plays back vocal recording for Ania and Marc to review.

In the studio, July 13, 2019

Ania does another take of the chorus.


Song For A Lost Kingdom is a song composed for piano, strings quartet and soprano, in the key of A minor and with a time signature of 6/8.


Based on the rondo form, every repetition brings a different variation and more complexity into the piece until its very end. Liberties were taken with regards to rules of composition that would have been present in the period in which the piece is originally composed in the book to allow for a more interesting texture and modern sound.

June 24 Session

Reviewing the vocal recording