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Thriller, fantasy and mystery  tales to keep you up all night

Seven Deadly Pens - Short Story Anthology

Stories by Steve Moretti, K. Bradley, Lara Bujold Clouden, David Devine, Matt C. Sully, Peter Smith, Merja Tammi

Turn the lights down low, make a cup of your favourite brew and get tucked in for seven page-turning short stories from the KFC Scrutineers writing group. The stories include thriller, mystery, science fiction and fantasy tales, all with deadly consequences.

Andy and the Time Slip App (Steve Moretti)
Andy had a very good life until temptation got the best of him one day. But if he can rewind time, is he free to break the rules again?

Brisé (K. Bradley)
Six-year-old Abigail lives amid the safety of her grandparent’s farm until a stranger beckons her to the abandoned house across the field. Though forbidden to enter, Abigail senses the truth of her family’s dark past may be waiting inside.

Tommy Gun (David Devine)
You give them clear instructions at gunpoint, and they do the opposite. It's a death sentence written by their own actions. They have no one to blame but themselves.

Voices in the Void (Matt C. Sully)
When Singh 12-b is struck by an unknown disaster, Starseed engineers Graham and Park are isolated from family and crew, desperate to survive, and terrified to discover the truth behind the planet's destruction.

The Thing with Feathers (Lara Bujold Clouden)
Another new school. Another town. An unstable mother. Its makes anyone a little crazy, so when supernatural beings begin to appear, Jen is left wondering: Are things getting better, or much, much, worse?

The Cursed Memory (Peter Smith)
Imagine the ability to remember everything: the good, the bad, and the deadly.

Walking after Midnight (Merja Tammi)
Detective Koski had his man, but an inexperienced prosecutor and a flimsy lie allowed the killer to go free. Now a vigilante killer is doing what Martin couldn't. Should he pursue the case or let the vigilante do his worst?

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