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Song for  A Lost Kingdom
Novel and Audiobook Series

by Steve Moretti

Pyotr -
The Life and Music of Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

by Steve Moretti and Paul van Geldrop

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Michael Angelo
Novel and audiobook series

by Steve Moretti



Song for a Lost Kingdom

Time Traveller's Cookbook

by Lee Kull and Steve Moretti


Song for a Lost Kingdom

Timeless Recipes

by Lee Kull & Steve Moretti

If you are familiar with the Song for a Lost Kingdom trilogy, you will likely recall that throughout the books there are many mouth-watering dishes mentioned.


Perhaps you even thought to yourself, ‘Mmm, that sounds good. I wish I had the recipe.’


In this book we have compiled a large amount of those recipes, tested them, tweaked them, perfected them, and photographed them for your enjoyment.


They are presented here as both full meals and individual dishes. Because of our passion for history, which many of the Song for a Lost Kingdom readers share with us, each dish is accompanied with interesting footnotes on its own history and background.

As Philippe might say, “Bon appétit!”

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