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"Talk about a feel good story!"

-  Amazon Review

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Roland Hope had not learned a damn thing all year.

Now, the week before Christmas, his world as a high-powered labour lawyer negotiator is falling apart.


His wife Jodi wants a divorce. His homeless, alcoholic father shows up unexpectedly, with a load of troubles. And the killer instinct skills he used to build a remarkable career have failed him for the first time ever.

In this contemporary Christmas story, Roland Hope turns to an unlikely source of inspiration – an old red Fender Stratocaster guitar gifted to him by his father, Karl.


It is the guitar Karl used to write three smash hit singles, propelling him to a life of fame as a touring musician. But life on the road nearly destroyed him. And it left him a widow and estranged from his oldest son.


Facing the prospect of the bleakest Christmas of his life, Rolland discovers the old Stratocaster still has some tricks left in it, as he rekindles the musical dreams he thought had long ago died inside him.


In the spirit of It’s a Wonderful Life and A Christmas Carol, this story of one man’s musical salvation will inspire your faith in the magic of the most special season of the year.

eBook $2.99 / Paperback $9.99


Audiobook version now available



Amazon / Goodreads Reviews:


What a wonderful story!
"And right before Christmas too. Talk about a feel-good story. It's all about family, love, and faith in each other. I highly recommend this book." - James Johnson


Perfect Christmas story

"This book is a home run and I believe it will become an evergreen." - Amazon Review



"A heart-warming short story about family values and what happens when they're lost sight of.  So often, life forces us to make choices, and each choice has consequences. But if we don't have clear values to base our decisions on, things can get very messy, as Roland discovered.

If you loved Dickens' A Christmas Carol you'll really enjoy this book." - Robyn Pearce


Beautifully written

"One of the best "Christmas miracle" stories I have read. The characters are so real and full of life everyone will find something to connect with. Through the ups and downs, it is difficult not to feel for these characters and really root for their triumphs.


Truly a story to make you believe in the possibility of bad situations "turning a corner" to become positive and the magic of the holidays." - Pedro Ramirez

Another winner from Steve Moretti

"Christmastime is for comfort: thick blankets, warm fires, tasty eggnog, and a great book. In A Guitar for Christmas, Moretti weaves a grounded tale of a marriage on the rocks with a man who desperately needs a change of heart.

The protagonist Roland Hope suffers through a wealth of tribulations, many of his own making, nearly tearing his family apart. Then, with the magic of Christmas and an old guitar, he attempts to set things right and bring joy and music back to the holidays.

It's a quick read that will bring a smile to your face and warmth to your heart. Pick this one up for the holiday season and gift a copy to friends and family." - Matt Sully

- Matt Sully

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