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Book I

Adeena Stuart receives an untitled musical score from her dying grandmother. It hadn’t been seen by anybody for three centuries and Adeena decides to play it for her audition with the National Arts Centre Orchestra.

And her life afterward will forever be changed...

Reviews and Comments:

Transported to a magical world

Let me start by saying that this is one of the best fantasy fiction that I have ever read! It has been a long time since I read fantasy fiction – the last time was almost a decade and a half ago when I read The Harry Potter series. Not just Adeena, even I felt transported to the magical and mystical world.

- The Book Decoder     


Swept away

Song For A Lost Kingdom swept me away. I was instantly drawn into this plot. I love the back and forth between present day and 1700s Scotland. It was always compelling.

- Jessica Rachow    READ MORE

An Outlander  type feel

This book definitely has an Outlander type feel to it. I enjoyed reading this book very much. All the characters were wonderful and full of emotion. You can feel Adeena’s love for music and Katherine’s bravery throughout the entire book.

- Tays Infinte Thoughts   READ MORE

A cosy way  to pass an evening

This was definitely an enjoyable quick read! I’ve read many time travel romances, but I will say that the one thing that made this one unique was the fact that usually the person finds themselves somewhere and an object or something transports them JUST through time, to the same place they were, but in the past.


In this novel, Steve Moretti has his character transported through time AND location through a certain instrument, and a certain piece of music. It was a fun concept, and a cosy way to pass an evening.

- The Bookworm Drinketh   READ MORE

A fun time-slip

Song for a Lost Kingdom is a fun time-slip adventure with some pretty badass moments, perfect if you’re looking for a good plot-driven romp.

- The Star Jar  READ MORE

I love the characters

What a page-turner…

As early as Chapter one, I knew I’d love the book because of the heroine herself, Adeena Stuart, a musician wannabe, a cellist. The book started with her in an audition, which somehow reminded of a scene from ‘If I stay’. And right then, I realized that she’s crazy as a dreamer. And I love characters that are dreamers because they remind me of ME. And Adeena didn’t disappoint. She’s a big reason why I loved this book. Though I might disagree with some things she did which I’ll get to later.

- Lili LiliBlissful Pages    READ MORE

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