The heart beats in time...


Song for a Lost Kingdom - Book III

Two women connected by the same musical soul. Two composers transposed across time into each other’s world by the mysterious forces of a priceless 18th Century cello.

“Suspenseful and inventive.” - Linda F.  “The tension level is incredible!” - Dianne C.

In the final instalment of the Song for a Lost Kingdom trilogy, Adeena Stuart and Katharine Carnegie search for the music that neither can complete on their own.

Finding themselves living three centuries apart and each assuming the identity of the other, Adeena and Katharine must overcome their own unique challenges, all the while hiding the truth of who they really are from those around them.


Arisaig, Scotland
April 26, 1746 - Ten days after the Battle of Culloden

“DO YE PREF a two-armed corpse or a one-armed husband with a beatin’ heart?”

The grizzled surgeon raised a bottle of whisky to his lips and guzzled deeply, waiting for Adeena’s answer.
She looked down at James lying stiffly on the long wooden table. Outside, the bitter wind flapped the walls of the canvas tent relentlessly. She searched for the eyes of her husband in the receding light. When they did flutter open briefly, they were hollow and black.

“James?” she whispered, lowering her head close to his face. “I don’t want…” She touched her swollen stomach. “We… don’t want… to lose you.”