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Love never surrenders

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Song for a Lost Kingdom

Book II

Adeena Stuart must make some difficult decisions about where and when she belongs in Book II of the SFLK Trilogy.


She is determined to stop at nothing from saving the man she’s fallen in love with, even though he’s been dead for almost three hundred years.


Adeena's music provides the portal to James Drummond who is fighting alongside Prince Charles Edward Stuart in the 1746 Jacobite uprising. Though their cause is doomed, and James is destined to die shortly after the Battle of Culloden, Adeena’s determination never wavers.

Left behind in the present, Adeena’s friends and families are equally determined to return her to 2019 before the expanding growth in her head becomes fatal and they lose her forever.

Throughout it all, music sweeps across those in both the past and present in this novel of history, fantasy, romance and science fiction.


Love never surrenders.


Audiobook Version - Now Available

Enjoy Book II ready by voice actors Bethany Mason and Tom McLean. Original score by Paul van Geldrop and Marc Moretti, with a haunting vocal performance by soprano Ania Hejnar.

Reader Comments on Book II

“Hi, Steve, It's about 4:30 AM and I just finished your book and, had to write and tell you how wonderful it is!  The characters, the story line and the descriptions are all amazing.  I just can't imagine what you would have left out to make it shorter, It needed all the words, all the chapters to make it complete.” - Susan Dabrusky

“One of these rare stories that just seem to grab your interest and make you part of the story, not just a reader.  You will find yourself on the edge of your seat and reading just as fast as you can, just to find out what happens next. The combination of history, intrigue, drama and romance, not to mention TIME TRAVEL....AWESOME!!” - Raewynn Osborne

“This story grabs you by the throat and doesn’t let go!” - Marti Panikkar

“Adeena undergoes what seems more like a genuine experience.  It takes medical and psychological impact into consideration. Anyone can have an idea, but in the hands of a superior writer a concept can be explored more completely with greater depth. That's what you have done.” - Sarita Talmidah

“The relationships between the characters are getting so intense!  I found myself mentally yelling at William and Jackie -NO!  DON"T DO IT!  I know that Adeena (love her resolve) and James are the lead characters, but you're making the supporting cast so interesting that towards the end of the book I wasn't sure whether I liked being in the 18th or the 21st century as both story line were engrossing.” - Diane Craig

“So, I’m back from my long weekend (went and got in some screen-free backpacking time!) and throughout the duration of the trip, my mind kept wondering back to this narrative. It’s captured my imagination!” - Emily Knott

“This book is unfolding so different from what I first thought. I have no idea what's going to happen next. I love it!” - Jen McCarthy

“Addictive and brilliant! I was pulled into the lives of these complex characters and by the end became fully invested in their plights. I absolutely loved the ending and can not wait to see how this new situation progresses.” - Nevine Ramirez

“This book is a good read and I definitely recommend it. - Deborah Stovall


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