Do the past and present intersect

in a straight line?

Have you ever wondered about forces that shape the world and those around us? Is there more we don't know than we DO know?


What if a cello could connect you to the 18th Century?


What if a pair of reading glasses could bend the light from events taking place over the next hour?


What if a Dungeness crab could survive being caught in the wild, living in a grocery story tank and then find its way back to the ocean?


Well, why not? I am a fan of history, science, the arts, and mostly the incredible complexity of  human beings. I'm fascinated by the people I've met or researched and I am drawn to fictional characters that only exist through great works of art.


I look forward to connecting with you and getting your feedback and insights. Send me an email or follow me on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.




Steve Moretti

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