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Eleven great music-related movies

Readers share their favourite movies where the music takes center stage.

Music can lift a great movie to dizzying heights

The right soundtrack can help a mediocre movie. But a great movie can achieve immortality when inspired music is integrated into the production. These are movies we love to watch over and over, sometimes just to listen...

I recently asked my readers to tell me about music-related movies that they hold most dear to their hearts. Here is the top list from those submissions:

Reader Comments and Links to DVD versions on Amazon

1. The Sound of Music (1965) "I first saw it when I was 6 or 7 in the 1960's. It was my mother's favourite movie. I still enjoy it because...for the music because Julie Andrews' voice is par non. I have always loved her voice and have watched her movies. As I have grown older I love the spectacular cinematography and the story, too."

"I had already read the book and enjoyed it immensely, but at the time my two older kids started attending Music High School. The main theme of the movie was one of the main attractions to one of their recitals and although I had heard it before, I'd never listened to the complete soundtrack. I still enjoy it because how can I not? The whole story comes to life when I listen to the music, to the point I don't need to watch the movie."

3. Mr. Holland's Opus (1995) "I first saw it when my husband and I rented the movie and we both loved it. I still enjoy it because it shows how teachers can make a difference in people's lives."

"One of the few movies that seem to grow deeper with each subsequent viewing. It's not just the music which is stunning, but the descriptions of Mozart's genius by an admiring but jealous Salieri which almost leaves your breathless."

"My favourite musical movie that I absolutely loved was Mary Poppins and I took my daughter (now in her 50s) when she was a small child, as it sounded like a good movie that she might like. Well, I fell in love with that movie."

"I always enjoyed seeing the film on TV and a couple of years ago we went to the production of the play locally. The script was toned down slightly for school use and worked very well. The music was infectious. "

"I first saw it in the 70s in an old-fashioned movie theatre. The story of love and struggle still rings true after all these years."

"I first saw it in the Sixties when I was in High School,  I still enjoy it because of the way the movie and music are so well correlated with each other."

"I first saw it the day it came out at the old Falcons stadium, my son's high school marching band was part of the opening. I still enjoy it because I was also in the marching band and it brings backs a lot of fun memories. Plus it's a fun movie to watch and the music is great!"

"I watched it about six months after it came out (sometime in 2012) and loved it. The music was eclectic and different and the storyline was awesome. It had depth, it had emotion, it was relatable and it had great acting. One of my all-time favourite movies when I’m looking for Music and Real Life relatability!"

11. August Rush (2007) "I still enjoy it because... it is such a mythical, on some deep level so very true, love story about human connection, energy, things beyond the easily seen, and how differences make us special. And I love that human kindness and love win out. Given all that, it will stay a favourite for a goodly while, I'm certain!"


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