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Expand your horizons.

I like to explore the intersection of the past and present in my novels, screenplays and in my weekly blog.

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If you enjoy history, music, art and science fiction, welcome to my world!

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Steve Moretti


The Prequel to Song for a Lost Kingdom

In 1707 the Scottish parliament voted itself out of existence against the wishes of most of the country. Lord Drummond of Perth plans to fight the Union with England and vows his unborn son will be born a Scot and die a Scot.

Years later, Katharine Carnegie is completing a musical masterpiece and must decide which brother she will support. They are on opposing of the 1745 Jacobite uprising and she is caught in the middle, asked to inspire each side with her unfinished composition.

Meanwhile in 2003, teenage Adeena Stuart feels a mysterious inspiration guiding her musical development in ways she won't fully understand for another fifteen years...

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