The Life and Music of Pyotr Illyich Tchaikosky

by Steve Moretti & Paul van Geldrop

His life was a study in the art of contradiction.


Pyotr Tchaikovsky was deeply affected by the women in his life – those he loved, those he despised, and those who’s affection he longed so badly to hold. Yet his truest love was reserved only for men.

Pyotr had an intense patriotism for his homeland. But only by leaving Russia was a deep relationship with the country of his birth finally realized.

He wrote some of the most delicate, sensual and romantic music ever composed, and yet his 1812 overture is among the loudest pieces classical piece of music ever performed. And perhaps the only one that includes a cannon as a percussion instrument.

In this new work on the renowned composer, we trace his life and early self-awareness of both his musical demons and the forces that shaped the man. His musical genius is examined and explained in both technical and non-technical terms.

(Coming Christmas 2020)

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